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My debilitating lower back pain kept me from driving, climbing stairs, walking, or even standing. Before surgery, the spine surgeon reluctantly referred me to Cory. I walked into the hands of a true healer (Cory). After seeing Cory, I was able to return to golfing, hiking and pickelball - all without pain, after 10 years of pain! I feel 10 years younger, without medication or surgery. Another surgeon recommended a total knee replacement. Cory, once again, was able to get me back to my active lifestyle without surgery or medication. Cory is one of the most professional caregivers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The world would be a better place if there were more caregivers as caring and as capable as Cory,    Lorraine F (WNC) 

"Cory Hustad is definitely a great physical therapist. I always enjoyed my appointments because I felt better after each time.  He really cares about his clients and he also has a sense of humor.  I highly recommend him!"



Cory worked with me on several occasions. He is an excellent therapist, patient and understanding, as well as knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend him. Unlike other therapists, Cory treats the whole person, not just the trauma that needs repair.    ZsT

Several acquaintances gave Cory glowing reports, and that was how I ended up seeing him after my second lumbar fusion surgery and then later for a cervical spine issue. I am so grateful I saw him! His listening skills, breadth of knowledge, education, and his concern for his patients makes him an excellent PT!   NSB 

"After a serious rotator cuff injury, my orthopedic doctor recommended physical therapy. I had twice-weekly visits for several months, first at one clinic then at another, doing random exercises week after week with little improvement in the pain and stiffness. Luckily, my doctor then recommended I start working with Cory. He used gentle heat, manual treatments and a specific series of exercises based on how my shoulder was doing. Before long I could do all the things I hadn’t been able to, and with no pain." 


Susan B.

“Knowledgeable, professional, compassionate. My spine doctor  recommended I see Cory for a chronic low back issue. After several weeks of treatment I saw significant improvement from the pain. Cory also addressed an issue with my shoulder and neck. My mobility improved and I can honestly say I had complete confidence and trust in him. He is experienced, caring, and friendly. The therapy I received, combined with the strategic home exercises he prescribed, have made a huge difference in allowing me to stay active.”

Colleen L.

I am so grateful to have had you (Cory) as my physical therapist to help with my hip & knee pain. You listened closely and kept trying to figure out another way to get me very functional again. You went above and beyond and were quick to respond to any questions. If I have a flair up in symptoms, I follow your specific program and this keeps me mobile and pain free. I recommend you to others! Dr. Hustad is an excellent, very dedicated, thoughtful, problem-solver. You will be pleased with the results after working with him.   SG


Dr. Cory Hustad, DPT, PT, ATC, MBA, COMT ,FAAOMPT 

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